Posted on: Fri, 05/19/2017 - 05:29 By: Seth Robertson


We're excited to finally be launching The Deviant Philosopher, a project that many people have been working to help build over the last year. If it is your first time using our website, you might be wondering how to use it.

First, if you would like more information about our project in general, please check out the following pages:


We have 4 main types of resources for philosophy instructors: Primers, Units, Lessons, and Activities. You can view each by navigating to "Resources" on the main menu (circled in red) and selecting your preference:

Screenshot of website with Resources menu selected

  • Primers provide instructors with basic information they’ll need to become acquainted with a subject area. Their content includes items such as key concepts, key figures, key texts, timelines, issues in language and translation, relationships to other areas of study, and other things that would be useful for an instructor who is new to the subject area to know.
  • Units offer suggestions about how to devote a course unit to an area of deviant philosophy. Units provide recommended reading schedules, background information about the unit’s topics and readings, and suggestions regarding how the unit might fit into the course’s larger arc.
  • Lesson plans provide a plan for a single lesson with readings, concepts and ideas to cover, suggested discussion questions and activities, and suggestions regarding when to use the lesson and what sort of class it might be appropriate for.
  • Activities are tasks instructors can assign to their students to help them understand a concept or apply what they’ve learned. Activity pages provide a description of an activity and its aims, a list of texts instructors may wish to assign in connection with the activity, activity instructions for students, discussion questions to follow the activity, and connections between the activity’s topic and other topics where relevant.

So, go ahead and explore the website! Note that you can also use the Search feature (circled in yellow) to search our entire database for content that you might be looking for.

Screenshot of the search bar.What's Next?

This is just the beginning! We are launching with around 40 unique pieces of content from over 10 contributors, but we plan to grow, and grow quickly. We have already solicited submissions on a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to) Buddhist and Indian philosophy, Indigenous People's philosophy, African philosophy, philosophy and ethics of disability, philosophy of race, philosophy of gender, and philosophy of education. We hope for submissions on an even wider range of topics: you can submit content to be considered for publication on our site here.

As we grow, we hope to build onto our editorial team, to add editors with expertise in the many fields we hope to develop content for. 

Further, at The Deviant Philosopher, we aren't interested only in providing static resources for instructors: we are aiming to develop a community of actively learning philosophy instructors. Stay tuned for information about some unique resources we are developing to help make this happen!