Lesson plans provide a plan for a single lesson with readings, concepts and ideas to cover, suggested discussion questions and activities, and suggestions regarding when to use the lesson and what sort of class it might be appropriate for.

List of Lessons

Title Topics Author
Criminal Parents Confucianism, Ethics, Plato Seth Robertson
Catharine Trotter Cockburn's Defense of Locke Personal Identity, Substance Dualism, Women Philosophers Liz Goodnick
Crito and Letter from a Birmingham Jail Justice, Law, Non-violence Liz Goodnick
Value Judgments in Science Philosophy of Science, W.E.B. Du Bois, Objectivity Liam Kofi Bright
Moral Emotions Virtue Ethics, Emotions, Moral Education Amy Olberding
Virtues and Moral Rules Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Early Chinese Philosophy Seth Robertson
Aesara of Lucania on the Soul Ancient Greek Philosophy, Women Philosophers, Soul Jerry Green
Phintys of Sparta on Role Virtues Ancient Greek Philosophy, Women Philosophers, Virtue Ethics Jerry Green
Ibn-Tufayl and the state of nature Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Philosophy, Philosophical Theology Ian James Kidd
Daoism, dao, and metaphor Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Daoism Ian James Kidd
Mary Shepard's Criticism of Berkeley Metaphysics, Women Philosophers, Modern European Philosophy Liz Goodnick
The Descartes & Princess Elisabeth Correspondence Modern European Philosophy, Women Philosophers, Philosophy of Mind Liz Goodnick
: Ibn-Rushd on the obligation to philosophise Reasoning, Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Philosophy Ian James Kidd
Understanding the Literary Style of the Analects Ethics, Values, and Politics, Ethics, Philosophy of Literature Ian James Kidd
Perictione II on Metaphysics Metaphysics, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Women Philosophers Jerry Green
Theano II on Moral Education Ethics, Values, and Politics, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Women Philosophers Jerry Green
Whānau Ora Health Policy Ethics, Values, and Politics, Maori Philosophy, Applied Ethics Krushil Watene
Understanding Oppression as a Critique of Hedonism Ethics, Values, and Politics, Political Philosophy, Justice Emily McRae
Racial Humor Ethics, Values, and Politics, Philosophy of Race, Racism Luvell Anderson
Angelina Grimke's Letter 12 and Kantian Ethics Ethics, Values, and Politics, Women Philosophers, Feminist Philosophy Seth Robertson