Truth is Victorious


This activity asks students to use their electronic devices to find a connection between their assigned reading and a picture (of the State Emblem of India).

Background Information


This fun, short activity helps students see connections between ancient texts like the Upanishads and life today.


This is best done as a group activity, but could easily be done as a solo or pair activity. It should be done on a day that the Mundukya Upanishad has been assigned. It requires students to use their electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets).

Texts / Connections

Relevant texts:

Upanishads (specifically the Mundukya Upanishad)

Courses and Topics

  • Introduction to Philosophy, Metaphysics, Self and Identity

Activity Plan

Show students the following picture, using their electronic devices:


Ask them to find a connection between it and their homework. They will likely struggle. Every minute or so, give them additional hints:

1. Don't focus on the lions.

2. Focus on the writing instead of the lions.

3. What does the writing mean?

4. "Satyameva Jayate"

The first group to find the answer wins!

(The answer is that this famous line, which has become the motto of India, originates in the Mundukya Upanishad 3.1.6.

Discussion Questions (optional)

  • Is truth really victorious? Does the truth "always come out?"

  • Is truth important? Why do people care about truth?


Seth Robertson (University of Oklahoma)