Epistemic Injustice Homework


Students write about an instance of epistemic injustice in their own lives.

Background Information


This homework exercise will help students connect the concept of epistemic injustice with their own lives as well as help them grasp some of the features of the concept in greater detail.


This exercise is best used as a homework activity.

Texts / Connections

Relevant texts:

  • Miranda Fricker. Epistemic Injustice.

Activity Plan

Give students the following prompt:

Describe an experience of epistemic injustice. Preferably, it should be from real life, and it should involve you. If you can’t come up with one, pick something from literature, movies, tv, or whatnot. Describe it in enough detail to answer the following questions:

  1. Explain how it is an example of epistemic injustice.
  2. What are the different specific elements of the situation that make it such an example?
  3. How could you change the details of the story so that it is not an example of epistemic injustice?


Wayne Riggs (University of Oklahoma)