Activities are tasks instructors can assign to their students to help them understand a concept or apply what they’ve learned. Activity pages provide a description of an activity and its aims, a list of texts instructors may wish to assign in connection with the activity, activity instructions for students, discussion questions to follow the activity, and connections between the activity’s topic and other topics where relevant.

List of Activities

Title Topics Author
Freedom From Fear Buddhism, Ethics, Fear Seth Robertson
Why I am not a Buddhist Buddhism, Ethics, Desire Seth Robertson
Assignment - Find a Political Philosop-her Political Philosophy, Ethics, Women Philosophers Kathryn J. Norlock
Ancient Psychologists Psychology, Indian Philosophy, Bhagavad Gita Seth Robertson
Buddhism and Bad Desires Buddhism, Desire Seth Robertson
Individuality (Confucianism) Confucianism, Individuality, Early Chinese Philosophy Seth Robertson
Self in the Katha Upanishad Upanishads, Self, Early Indian Philosophy Seth Robertson
Perfect Rituals Ethics, Confucianism, Early Chinese Philosophy Seth Robertson
Infinite Reincarnation Buddhism, Hinduism, Reincarnation Seth Robertson
Truth is Victorious Early Indian Philosophy, Hinduism, Self Seth Robertson
Teaching Brahman Upanishads, Early Indian Philosophy, Self Seth Robertson
Social Obligations in the Bhagavad Gita Ethics, Political Philosophy, Early Indian Philosophy Seth Robertson
Epistemic Injustice Homework Epistemology, Epistemic Injustice, Social Epistemology Wayne Riggs
Epistemic Dependence Epistemology, Social Epistemology Wayne Riggs
Ethics of Funerals Group Discussion Ethics, Values, and Politics, Early Chinese Philosophy, Death Seth Robertson
Listening to Non-Ideal Theory Ethics, Values, and Politics, Political Philosophy, Non-ideal theory Ada Jaarsma
Applying Philosophical Theories of Race Metaphysics, Race, Philosophy of Race Andrew P. Mills
Pascal and Nachiketa Walk into Siduri’s Tavern Ethics, Values, and Politics, Death, Afterlife Seth Robertson
Moral Rules, Ancient Sumerian Wisdom, and Killer Robots Ethics, Values, and Politics, Moral Rules, Technology Seth Robertson